[^] Membership - Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

Council Membership Information

All persons interested in the mission of the Council,
“Better Health through Nursing Science”
are invited to renew their membership or become new members
of theCouncil for the Advancement of Nursing Science (the Council).
The Council was established in 2000as the research policy and
facilitation arm for the American Academy of Nursing (AAN).
The goals of the Councilare to be a strong voice for nurse
scientists at the national and international levels to support
the development,conduct and utilization of nursing science,
to share research findings among individualsand groups in
scientific and lay communities, and to facilitate life-long learning
opportunities for nurse scientists.
Fellowship in the AAN is not required for membership in the Council.

 Council Membership Benefits:

Benefits continue to be developed,
but those currently established include:

TO JOIN – Complete the printable form
and fax or mail to the address listed.
TO RENEW – Complete the printable form
and fax or mail to the address listed,
TO GIVE AS GIFT – Complete the printable form  
and fax or mail to the address listed.

Individual members
We invite membership from nurses and colleagues from other disciplines,
as well as international colleagues. Discounted membership is available
to members of the AAN, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), or any of the four
regional nursing research societies (Eastern, Western, Midwest, and Southern).
Membership benefits include discounted registration at all Council programs.
Individual (regular) = $100/year
Individual (discounted*) = $50/year 
Individual (student/Undergraduate, Masters, and Pre-Doctoral= $25/year
*To qualify for discounted membership, Council members must show proof of
membership to either AAN, STTI, ENRS, MNRS, SNRS or WIN on the Council membership form.
**NOTE: The annual membership cycle begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

Institutional Members
We invite societies, universities, and not-for-profit organizations to join as Institutional Members.
Membership benefits include reduced fees for advertising and exhibit space at the National
State of the Science Congress(held in even numbered years). (Please note that discounted
conference registrationrates apply only when individuals purchase an individual Council membership).
Institutional (regular) = $100/year
Institutional (multiple year) = $1000/3 year

Corporate Members
We invite for-profit corporations to join as Corporate Members.  Benefits include reduced fees
for advertising and exhibit space in appropriate venues.
(Corporation employees may purchase their own individual membership.) 

     Corporate (regular) = $750/year