Call for Reviewers


Abstract submissions will soon be underway for the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science’s 2018 State of the Science Congress: Precision Health.

Precision Health is defined as: An emerging approach to individualizing healthcare. Precision health includes genomics and other physiological, psychological, environmental, and ethical factors that are central to the development and testing of individualized treatments and prevention strategies for persons, families, and communities.*

*DeVon, H. A., M. Rice, R. H. Pickler, C. A. Krause-Parello and T. S. Richmond, “Setting nursing science priorities to meet contemporary health care needs.” Nursing Outlook 64(4): 399-401.

Conference attendees will be invited to submit abstracts for studies that include big data, bioinformatics, predictive modeling, data sharing, biorepositories, common data elements, genomics, pharmacogenomics, metabolomics, microbiome, mobile health, symptom management, ethical issues and other topics that may be relevant to precision health.

The Planning Committee is seeking abstract reviewers to ensure that the best and most timely research is presented. If you have a research doctorate, please consider volunteering to review abstracts.

The abstract review period will take place from late March 2018 to early April 2018. Each reviewer will be assigned abstracts based on their expertise. We anticipate assigning each reviewer between 10-20 abstracts (based on need). All reviews will be completed in our online system (you must have internet access during the review period).

Please complete the application (click here) to indicate your willingness to review abstracts for the 2018 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research. If you have any questions, please contact Rachael James at [email protected].