Outstanding Nurse Scientist Award

Outstanding Nurse Scientist Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Nurse Scientist Award is to acknowledge a CANS member whose sustained programs of research have had significant impact on nursing and healthcare knowledge development with recognizable benefits for nursing practice and health care. Nominees must be active CANS members in good standing for two consecutive years who hold an earned research doctorate and are nominated by two current CANS members in good standing. A member in good standing is up to date on current dues payments. An active member’s contributions to CANS include, but are not limited to: service on committees and special interest groups; in a leadership position; as an abstract reviewer; or as a conference session facilitator or conference presenter. Award recipients will be asked to provide remarks at the State of the Science Conference.

The award criteria are:

  • Outstanding contributions to nursing and healthcare science through a sustained program of research;
  • Robust research dissemination and translation for nursing and other disciplines;
  • Leadership in capacity building related to research conduct, training and policy;
  • Mentorship of the next generation of nursing scientists; and
  • Demonstrated support for diversity, equity, and inclusion practices through research or mentorship.

Nomination requirements:

  1. Nominee’s and nominators’ contact information (name, work address, e-mail address, phone number);
  2. A 100-word narrative statement that summarizes the nominee’s accomplishments/contributions (to be used in the conference program if the nominee is selected);
  3. Curriculum vitae (CV) of nominee;
  4. Statements from two nominators who must be current CANS members (not to exceed more than 500 words each) that address the criteria described above.