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Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (2008):
Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice: This emphasizes a broad education that includes the arts, humanities, and sciences alongside nursing courses.
Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety: Graduates should understand healthcare systems and be able to lead and coordinate care.
Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice: Students learn to use research and evidence to inform their nursing practice.
Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology: This covers using technology effectively in patient care.
Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments: Understanding the broader context of healthcare delivery.
Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Health Outcomes: Graduates should work well in teams.
Clinical Prevention and Population Health: Focusing on preventive care and population health.
Professionalism and Professional Values: Developing ethical and professional behavior.
Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice: Graduates are prepared to provide care, manage care, and contribute to the profession1.