Elizabeth Corwin

 Dr. Elizabeth Corwin (Emory University)

Dr. Corwin is the Associate Dean for Research and Professor at the Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Dr. Corwin is a PhD-prepared Physiologist and a certified family nurse practitioner. She currently leads pioneering, interdisciplinary research aimed at uncovering the complex web of biological mechanisms underlying symptom development and impacting health outcomes among African American women, infants, and children. Dr. Corwin serves as Dual-PI on the NINR-funded study “Biobehavioral Determinants of the Microbiome and Preterm Birth in Black Women” (R01NR014800), that follows women from the 1st trimester of pregnancy through delivery, collecting oral, vaginal, and gut microbiome samples, objective and subjective measures of chronic stress and diet, serum and vaginal cytokine levels, birth outcomes, and risk and protective factors including those related to oral, vaginal, and gut hygiene and sexual behaviors. She also serves as PI on a National Institute of Minority Health award Maternal Stress and the Gut-Brain Axis in African American Infants” (R01MD009746), that evaluates neurodevelopment in the infants born to the mothers in the prenatal study, through 18-months of age. Most recently, as a result of the team’s new ECHO award “The Impact of Intrauterine and Early Childhood Environments on Neurocognitive and Metabolic Development in African American Youth: Focus on the Gut-Brain Axis” (UG30D023318), the group will continue following the childhood cohort through 5-years of age, with a continuing focus on neurodevelopment including autism, as well as obesity and atopic disease.