Carol Roye

 Dr. Carol Roye (Pace University)

Dr. Carol Roye has been investigating adolescent reproductive health for over two decades. Specifically, her work is aimed at preventing unwanted adolescent pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in adolescent and young adult Black and Hispanic women. Dr. Roye’s research was among the first to demonstrate the importance of trust in young women’s condom use. Young women tend not to use condoms when they are with a loved and trusted partner. However, it is that partner who is most likely to infect them. She has created prevention interventions, including a short film that is being used by health departments across the country. It was named by the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy as one of the new “Emerging Answers”.  Dr. Roye has also conducted research designed to understand the extent and context of heterosexual sexual activity in this population. Her most recent study, a continuation of her program of research, seeks to determine the misunderstandings that adolescent girls have about the most effective hormonal contraceptives: Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs). She is studying reasons for use and nonuse of LARCs and the relationship of LARC use to risk for STIs and HIV/AIDs. Dr. Roye’s work has been used as the basis for policy decisions on reproductive health in New York State and beyond.